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Rally is a dog sport derived from competitive Obedience. It’s a very new sport having been invented in 2000.  

Rally differs from Obedience primarily in that you and your dog attempt a pre-set course along which signs are placed at up to 15 stations (Level 1) along the course, requiring them to perform one of around 50 different pre-set exercises. The selection of exercises and design of course is at the judge’s discretion. Each individual round is performed at a ‘brisk pace’ and takes around three minutes. Unlike Obedience, there is no direction from the judge; the signs are all the guidance competitors receive. At Level 1, the lowest level, dogs compete on lead and a loose lead is emphasised. The handler may give verbal commands and encouragement throughout as necessary.

More advanced Levels require dogs to compete off lead. Physical or harsh verbal correction is strictly penalised.

WATS offers Rally training under Kennel Club Rules.

There are lots of reasons to take up Rally:

• You will have a well behaved and easily controlled pet.

• Impress your friends with your dog’s new skills.

• Stimulation for your pet – dogs have big brains which need to be kept active.

• Meet new friends – there is a great social scene to be enjoyed.

• Your dog does not need to have a pedigree – all dogs can do Rally

WATS rally training is great fun and there is always laughter and encouragement.  We all work together as a team and encourage each other as we go along.

Please contact us with your details for more information.