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About Us

Wirral Alsatian Training Society (WATS) registered with the Kennel Club in 1953 and shortly afterwards separated from its roots as a branch of the British Alsatian Association (hence the  name).  However, for over sixty years the Society has welcomed all types of dogs and provided general dog training with the aim of helping dogs to become well behaved pets.  WATS is the ONLY Kennel Club fully registered training society on the Wirral.

In addition to pet obedience, the Society has a strong track record in Competitive Canine Sports. For over fifty years, our members have competed and judged at the highest level in Competition Obedience. Our Society was one of the first to get involved in Agility when it was invented in 1978. We are also in the forefront of the development of the new discipline of Rally Obedience. We run successful shows every year in all these disciplines, which are attended by competitors from all over the country, and our members are regularly called upon by other Societies to judge in these disciplines.

WATS is a “not for profit organisation”. The fact that our members give their time freely to manage the Society, keep up to date with training methods and run successful shows is an indication of their passion to serve the dogs and their owners in this area and to put something back into the dog world. This enables us to keep our training fees at a reasonable level and to support charitable causes.